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My name is Ken Askew and I have been working as a building contractor for 25 years.

During this time I have worked on many different types of house across Southern England acquiring all the necessary skills to build a house, from digging the foundations to finishing the decoration.

I always aim to do any work to the highest possible standard. This gives me an advantage in fitting solar systems as my extensive knowledge of roofing means that the connections that penetrate the roof are fitted correctly so no leaks occur after the system is finished.

If alterations need to be made to the walls or airing cupboard, or any other building work is needed, then this can also be done without resorting to other contractors.

A long term interest in energy saving systems can now be brought into my business as products are now coming onto the market at reasonable prices allowing ordinary homes to use solar power at reasonable cost.

With a background in engineering and qualifications to degree level, I can with confidence advise which energy saving products really work and which are likely to be a waste of money.

I can also advise you how to improve other aspects of your house to save energy.

As well as solar hot water systems, KSQ also fit bathrooms, kitchens and other heating systems including underfloor heating. Please ask for details.


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