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Solar Hot Water Systems

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You can save 50% or more each year on heating hot water
for your home.

Solar Hot Water System diagram

The Solar hot water system is a green, renewable energy solution that reduces carbon dioxide emissions and saves you money.

The highly efficient Solar hot water panels fitted on your roof collect heat from the Sun and this is pumped around the system working together with your existing system to heat your hot water.

The system obviously works best in direct sunlight but it still collects heat even in overcast conditions. Generally only thick cloud and rain will stop them working in the daytime.

The heat produced from the Solar hot water panels means that your boiler does not need to work so hard or so often.

With careful planning it is possible to save 50% to 70% (or possibly more) of your hot water costs.

An optimised system often allows you to turn off the main boiler or immersion heater during the warmer months of the year, relying solely on the Sun to heat your hot water.


Once the system has been installed you do not pay for any of the
heat collected from the Sun, it is free for the life of the system.



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