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KSQ Solar Hot Water Systems can provide a full range of services from initial advice and consultation, through design and installation as well as ongoing maintenance.

Please contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements.


Solar Heating Roof Panels

solar hot water roof panelEach roof panel has up to twenty evacuated glass tubes which contain copper heat pipes. These fit into an insulated copper manifold at the top of the panel.

The tubes are made from twin walled borosilicate glass and are very robust. They are made to withstand impacts from 25mm hailstones.

No water circulates in these tubes. Inside each glass tube is a copper heat tube. This is a long closed tube at low pressure which has a small amount of fluid inside. This heats up very rapidly in sunlight and heat is transferred from the tip into the manifold.

The manifold has a small amount of water in it which is used to transfer the heat into the hot water cylinder.

The key to efficiency in any system of this type is to keep the heat transfer medium to a minimum. Ideally this means installing the roof panel as close as possible to the hot water cylinder, thus keeping the pipe runs short.


Solar Hot Water System Controls

solar hot water system controller

The control pack contains the pump, a programmer, pressure gauge and valves to fill the system. There are also temperature sensors in the roof panel and hot water cylinder.

The pump is turned on by the programmer when its sensors show that the roof panel is heating up.

Heated water is pumped from the roof panel into the solar cylinder, ( hot water tank ) and transfers heat into the water via a coiled copper tube, in the same way that heat is transferred from a standard central heating boiler.

To prevent the header tank on the roof panel freezing during very cold winter nights, a small amount of non-toxic anti-freeze is added to the water in the solar system.

The programmers used can be set up for a wide variety of systems and are very adaptable. They can be connected to a PC to monitor performance and can also be used to bypass heat into a towel radiator when the hot water cylinder is fully heated on a warm summers day.


Solar Hot Water Cylinders

soalr hot water cylinderThe solar hot water cylinders we use are made to order by a British company. It takes as little as one week for them to be manufactured and delivered.

This way the best size cylinder can be made to suit your airing cupboard and your hot water needs.

Thin tall cylinders are the most efficient shape to fit. 

As they are made to order, you can have as many layers of insulation fitted as you wish and they are available in every format, i.e. mains pressure, tank fed gravity etc.

A standard roof tank fed cylinder can also be fitted with a shower coil.

This uses the hot cylinder as a heat store and delivers mains pressure water to a shower, so a shower pump is no longer needed.



Repair and servicing of Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems are very similar to conventional heating systems and they do benefit from an annual service. If your system hasn't been checked recently please make an appointment with us to have it serviced.

We can also repair older systems if they have stopped working. Very often it is just a case of re-setting controls, servicing the pump or re-pressurising the system. If a tube in the roof panel has been damaged we can also replace that.


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